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Listing Your Rental Property

When you have investment property in good rental conditions, it can be difficult to manage the workload, especially when multiple properties are involved. You can spend a large amount of time keeping up with the property maintenance instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor. Kashmiri Realty & Property Management team will take care of home repairs, rent collecting, minor maintenance and any other objectives dealing with the successful rental of your investment home.

Step you & your agent can take to get you the best tenants possible:

  • Prepare your property for showing. Too much clutter makes it hard for tenants to visualize the home as theirs
  • Make the property available for show as much as possible. Flexible hours helps you get tenants faster
  • Keep in mind, having tenants in a property that will soon be vacated and re-rented will present it’s own challenges
  • Your agent should have multiple listing outlets that can reach out to the local community for a faster rental

Property Management Service Specifics

To find out about our property management service fee, you can reach us at 904-553-2409. Property management fee is the percentage of the monthly rent collected. If you have multiple properties with us, your percent fee can be adjusted. There is a fixed leasing fee for the first full months rent. The percent of management fee is waived that month. We do not charge a management fee and a leasing fee the same month. After the first months leasing fee, subsequent months will only be charged a management fee based on a percentage of the monthly rent.

Leasing fee compensates us for all advertising, showing the property, performing background/credit checks on applicants, lease document preparation, lease execution, initial move in inspection and final move out inspections, plus a finders fee to the showing agent. The leasing fee is only charge when the property is vacant and we have to find a tenant. We do not follow traditional methods where the management company will charge you the entire leasing fee again.

Management Fee compensates us for collecting rent and accounting for funds, periodic property inspections. filing and facilitation of evictions, owner statements, handling maintenance and repairs issues, plus end of year IRS Form 1099. We use a wonderful and friendly property management software and you can track all the movement in your account online.

Tenant Placement

We can perform a tenant placement, should you choose not to use our full management services and would only like us to find your next tenant. The fee for this is equivalent to one full months rent amount and includes advertising, showing the property, lease document preparation, lease execution, performing background/credit checks on applicants and initial move in inspection. Once the full months rent fee is collected, we provide your contact information to the tenant and details on where to send subsequent rental payment.

Call the Kashmiri team today and let us know if you have any questions/concerns. If you would like us to continue with the next step, we will management/lease your property.

Realtor Refferals

Realtors and brokers, get 10% Referrals fee “paid to the brokerage firm”. If your company doesn’t have the property management services, we love referral. If you refer the prospect to us, we find their rental property and you receive 10% of the first month rent, after time passes, if the tenants would like to become an owner when the lease expires, we send them back to you for the sale of the property, technically the customer will always belong to you.

If we happen to sell the house to the buyers, we become the buyer’s agent, you become to be the listing agent. Don’t lose the extra potential revenue you can add to your yearly income.


There are many ways we can help you with your property management endeavors. We supply a process that includes quality control and a dedicated team to manage your real estate assets.


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