Selling Your Property

Once you have a reasonable market price established by comparable properties and other property research parameters, you can begin to place your property in multiple listing services within and near your area. Establishing that information is not all on your shoulders, your Kashmiri Realty agent will help you through every step of the way.

Always keep in mind to:

  • Take the other sides concerns into consideration
  • A closing date may not always go on your terms, flexibility is key to a quick sale
  • Winning a little and giving a little is a good way to meet in the middle
  • Do research on real estate sales and learn what you can to be prepared for the sale of your own home

Arranging Your Property Sale

Negotiating the best property sale requires experience and tricks of the trade that allow you to run a smooth property transaction with minimal to no roadblocks. Kashmiri Realty agents know how to deal with requirements to help you meet all lender obligations to the best of both of your abilities. The information you provide helps aide in a smooth transaction, trust your Kashmiri Realty agent as we will work hand in hand with you to get you the most successful sale possible.

Does The Buyer Have Financing?

It is wise – although not neccessary & not always recommended – to make sure that the buyer has a pre-approval letter before prioratizing a buyers offer however, it should not be a reason for you not to accept it or leave it on the table. Although seller financing options are available, you must consider your options before accepting such an offer. Kashmiri Realty agents will help you manage these decisions with the utmost considerarion and opposition.

Why is a home inspection important?

A thorough visual inspection of the the property is always recommended when selling your home. You should be very well aware of any property damages such as structual damage is any and/or needed improvements. Kashmiri Realty can help you choose among some of the local and available property inspectors that have a reputable and proven record. Call us today and inquire.


There are many ways we can help you with your property management endeavors. We supply a process that includes quality control and a dedicated team to manage your real estate assets.