Getting Started & Taking The Right Steps

In order to draw and qualify potential prospects, you have to use real estate marketing methods that go beyond the traditional convention method, like a sign in the yard or a simple web posting. With an unlimited amount of real estate in the web, you must choose the right place to market your home. Kashmiri Realty focuses on marketing your individual property in multiple listings.

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Implement The Correct Marketing Plan

Planning and preparation can make a world of a difference. The Kashmiri Realty team will make sure to take you through your marketing options and how they will benefit you and your home selling goals. Getting the highest value for your property and walking you through a smooth sales transition are some of our top goals.

Increasing Your Home's Value

There are a few things you can do to increase your home’s value. Some of these minor aesthetic or structual changes can be very cost effective. Remember that taking steps to increase the value of your homw – especially before the term of a sale – can drastically help you increase the value of your home.

  • Have a front yard? A fence is a great way to add value
  • A clean gutter can help you maintain a home without water damage
  • Flood lights is a great to add beautiful curb appeal at night fall
  • Implement new house fixtures if within budget
  • Clean, uncluttered & minimize personal effects
  • Keep your curb appeal clean & gree, increases visual worth
  • Implement ways to make your home energy efficient
  • A beautiful kitchen is a main focal point of a home ready for sale

What's the optimal price for your home?

Makign sure that you’re setting the right price for your home is instrumental to selling your home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Kashmiri Realty team follows the local trends and provide recommendations based on the present local market. Having multiple outlets to market your home may also bring you the smoothest closing and a profitable selling value, the Kashmiri team can help with that, ask us how?

Open House!

Showcasing your home at your next open house is a very important part of selling it. You must be able to provide a clean and present environment where the potential buyers can envision their items in your home before they move in. Remember that a cluttered home doesn’t allow for a clear mind and the ability to have potential buyers place themselves in your space.


There are many ways we can help you with your property management endeavors. We supply a process that includes quality control and a dedicated team to manage your real estate assets.